Mohammad Shihab

Mohammad Shihab adalah dosen profesional tersertifikasi di bidang public relations. Dosen tetap di Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi, Fakultas Humaniora, President University ini telah membantu meningkatkan publisitas mahasiswa, dosen, dan organisasi.

I know shihab for quite long, he was my senior in high school and college. He has an extensive organization experience beyond his young age , A visioner academics and insightful educator is what i can describe about him. In addition, he is a great mentor, and someone you can count on to finish the job well.

Gilang Bagus Batara

He is one of best lecturers in my study program. He brings fun atmosphere when he is teaching in class. I am grateful that he became my thesis supervisor. He also gives me opportunity to contribute in presenting my research in a conference with him this April 2018.

Karina Aliefiani

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